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AXB330 Pile Driver

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AXB330 Pile Driver

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  • Date:2019/11/29
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AXB Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of  hydraulic breakers and pile drivers, also known as pile hammers.

AXB330 hydraulic pile driver adopts advanced foreign technology skills, and uses high-quality core components and wear-resistant spare parts to create high-quality and high-performance hydraulic pile driver.

AXB pile-drivers is widely used in construction engineering, civil engineering, railway and highway construction, dam construction, reclamation and bridge engineering, etc. It can realize piling work in different strata, and can be used for piling steel pipes, steel plates, wood boards, building materials, etc. Improve the efficiency of piling operations, saving time and cost.


Main features of AXB 330 hydraulic pile drivers:

High work efficiency: the speed of vibrating piles is generally 4-7 m/min, and in non-sludged soil, it can reach up to 12 m/min. The speed of construction work is greatly prioritized over other piling machines, and the work efficiency is high, which is about 40%-100% higher than that of diesel hammer and pneumatic hammer.

Wide range of applications: High-frequency hydraulic pile drivers are suitable for construction under any harsh geological conditions.In addition to the rocky area, it is easy to penetrate the geological layers such as the pebble layer and the sand layer.

Many useful functions: high-frequency hydraulic pile hammer in addition to the construction of various types of bearing piles, It is also possible to construct thin-walled seepage prevention walls, deep compaction treatment, and special construction such as ground compaction treatment.

Environmental protection: AXB high-frequency hydraulic pile driver with rubber mat, the pile driver works quickly when the vibration frequency is fast, the vibration is small, and the noise is low. and it can fully meet the environmental protection requirements when working in urban areas.

Wide-ranging effect: The pile driver is suitable for piles of any shape and material, such as concrete pipe piles, steel pipe piles, steel plates, etc.

Applicable to any soil layer; can be used for piling, pulling piles and underwater piling, and can also be used for pile work and suspension work.

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