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AXB-the importance of lubrication for hydraulic breaker

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AXB-the importance of lubrication for hydraulic breaker

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       Now hydraulic breaker is very common in construction. It is very important to have a good management and maintenance of equipment, to improve productivity, reduce cost and energy consumption. And for the management and maintenance of hydraulic hammer, lubrication is of vital importance.

       Due to the long service life of many machines and equipment, the lubrication of the equipment has not been fully implemented, which will cause equipment failure or security incidents. The lubrication of equipment is an important part of its management and maintenance. Practice has proved that reasonable selection and configuration of various lubricants,timely lubrication of equipment, not only can reduce the wear and tear of machinery parts, prolong the service life of equipment, but also can improve mechanical efficiency. 

       As the working nature of hydraulic breaker is high load, high frequency, and the working environment is relatively complex, it is inevitable to wear the machine and tools for a long time. If the friction and wear can not be effectively reduced, a lot of friction heat will be generated, resulting in the destruction of the friction surface and lubricating medium. Lubrication is to add some lubricating medium between the friction surfaces in relative motion of two machine parts, to separate the dry friction surfaces in direct contact, and to form a lubricating film with a certain thickness in the middle of the friction surfaces to reduce the friction and wear of the machine. The role of lubrication is reducing friction, reducing wear, washing, cooling, damping vibration, rust, sealing (such as grease). These effects depend on and influence each other.

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